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hellooo to alll. my name is kenzie hilzer… well, it’s technically mckenzie. but i hate mckenzie so i just go by kenzie and that’s all(classic Junie B. Jones line) (thanks mom and dad). i am a fellow iowan born and raised, nothing like chris soules but a lot like ashton kutcher type of iowan. i currently spend most of my time in good ol’ missouri in the saint joseph area throwing a softball for the great missouri western softball team. when i am not throwing a softball, i am usually Bible studyin’ or being far too competitive with board/card/any kind of games. you can usually catch me on the softball fields, at Young Life or anything Jesus, in the library being a full time student, at a coffee shop, supporting the cubbies from my tv, or adventuring around the area taking pictures. i have a HUGE love for meeting new people, hanging out with people, being around people, anything people… i am there. so that gets me to where i am now and who i am now…

i’ve been completely broken, saved, raised, loved, blessed, made whole, made new, and then i started over. and i’m sure i’ll do it again and again and again, but the one thing that never changes is God has made a way for me every single time. And i want to share that with people because I don’t think enough people do. If people stopped sharing their stories and how God is working than we will never learn about Our sweet Savior.

the whole reason why God put other humans on earth for us to interact with each other, love each other, be there for each other. so whether it is having me take your pictures while we go on crazy adventures, going on coffee dates, sharing your story on my blog, connecting to my blogs, or even just to say hey!

email: kenzie.hilzer15@gmail.com
instagram: kenzie_hilzer