learn about me

you never realize how boring you are until someone tells you to describe yourself 🙂


hellooo to alll. my name is kenzie hilzer… well, it’s technically mckenzie. i guess my family liked to resemble mcdonald’s and add “mc” to everything. ha, just kidding mcdonald’s, please don’t sue my family. so i guess we’ll just settle for kenzie. wellll, where do i begin? i’m a nineteen year old girl who’s trying to figure out what everyone else is out there searching for. i don’t have a specific reason for starting this other than a place where i can write about my experiences throughout life, and hoping i can find a soul out there that i can speak to or can speak to me. i know how confusing and difficult this world can be, and i know God can give us experiences where our trust in Him declines, but i wanna be there encouraging you to follow His directions. i wanna share my passion for life, writing, laughing, and Jesus with other people. soooo, yeah. maybe one day i can be a post thousands of people share on their social media, a person who you can walk a path to God with, or maybe i’ll be nothing at all, just some girl ranting to her laptop. but hey, why not take a chance? no i’m not going to go all michael jordan on you and say you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take; although, he did make a very good point. but yeah, take a chance on me, and i’m going to take a chance on you. follow me through my crazy, i hope it’ll be crazy, journey through life.