let’s get personal


hellooo to alll. my name is kenzie hilzer… well, it’s technically mckenzie. but i hate mckenzie so i just go by kenzie and that’s all. (classic Junie B. Jones line)! if i had to describe myself, i would say i am just a girl trying to create world for myself. i want to write things that matter to people or get people thinking. i want to inspire deeper thinking, and i want to inspire someone to never give up on their self. i know how hard it can be to get to the place where you are no longer afraid of the person you are. the version where you are “too” something. and along the way, i want to find interaction, i want to find love in friendships, i want to find a thousand stories in one human. i want to get lost in people, and what they have to offer.

but i acknowledge people are never finished products. we’re all a work in progress, and if i can be the push to help you get over the minor bump in the world. that means everything to me. i started my blog because i wanted to help others, but i never realized how much it helped me in the end. the connection i have made with people through this process has been unbelievable, and i want nothing more than to keep them coming.