Self Love and Loving Others

{Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. -Ephesians 4:2-3}

Recently I have witnessed an abundance of bitterness, jealousy, and insecurity due to the competition and comparison we force upon each other. There is nothing worse than seeing such wonderful, beautiful people hate on themselves because they compare themselves to others or others have emphasized their insecurities. God has made us perfectly through His eyes, and we need to embrace our insecurities and face them head on because they were made FOR us. Not to tear us down and make us lack self-love, but to learn the true meaning of completely loving yourself. 

There is so much bitterness in the world because someone has something we do not, someone has a better body, someone is smarter, someone is more beautiful, someone is better at something than we are. We as humans are threatened by someone who is better than us causing hatred towards each other. Attacking each other for being better than us at something is not how God intended for us to behave towards each other. We should LOVE people’s strengths and weaknesses.

By loving our insecurities we are putting peace to our soul. We are feeding our soul the love it needs to grow and sore. By loving our insecurities we are allowing others to love them too. By loving our insecurities we are capable of loving others the way we love ourselves. The way we love each other is a reflection of how we love ourselves. Let’s make our hearts so full of love for each other we do not have to worry about competing with each other or comparing ourselves to each other. 

~So at the end of the day, love yourself so much you are content with God’s love and your love. Love each other the way you love yourself. Speak highly of your neighbor, pursue generosity, and do not give a damn what anyone says about you.~


To the Boy Who Couldn’t Get Past the Pretty Face

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“I would f*ck you so hard”
“Sex is just sex. It doesn’t always have to mean anything.”

Did your mom teach you how to talk to women like that? Does your dad treat your mom like that? Would you want someone to say that to your sister? Those who genuinely invest themselves into you deserve so much better, and I feel so bad that you couldn’t get past a woman’s outside beauty to see the beauty she holds within.

Missing the opportunity to get to know someone’s greatest qualities and their not so greatest qualities is utterly disappointing. Not only because that person has went through unbelievable measures and faced an abundance of diversity to become that wonderful person they are, but because YOU missed out on such a sensational story. You couldn’t give her just the minimal amount of respect it requires because you were too focused on visualizing how satisfying she would look completely vulnerable.

Never seeing past her potential inner beauty, is a great a way of saying, “I don’t really care about you or your feelings.” In what world is that ever okay to make someone feel like that? When has it ever been okay to completely disregard someone’s worth for your own satisfaction? When has it ever been okay to manipulate a person’s interest in you for your own sensual needs?

It just completely blows my mind.

Although you made her question what she truly deserves and made her doubt if she is truly worth a genuine person, you’re the one that loses. You’re one that loses an opportunity to be with someone whose heart was full of you and only you. You’re the one that loses to listen to the untold story of her favorite places in her hometown. You’re the one that loses to learn about her passions. You’re the one that loses to be with someone that is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

But you wouldn’t know Continue reading “To the Boy Who Couldn’t Get Past the Pretty Face”