Life presents you with many possibilities each day. You have the chance to get up, you have the chance to get dressed, you have the chance to eat, you have the chance to go to school/work, you have the chance to learn about others, you have the chance to let people in your life, you have the chance to go home, you have the chance to be alone.

Now these chances are presented to you almost every single day. But what about the chances that aren’t presented to you every single day?

Such as the chance to win a million dollars, the chance to finding your person, the chance to travel somewhere, the chance to grow, or the chance to hang out with someone. These chances only happen every once in a while. It’s not every day you get the chance to win a million dollars. It’s not everyday you get find your person, that’s a once in a lifetime thing. It’s not everyday you are offered to go somewhere completely amazing such as Honduras. It’s not everyday you get to hang out with someone because ANYTHING can happen in a second.

These are the chances that are taken.

These are the chances that escape.

These are the chances that are worth it.

These are the chances that reward you with something 10x better.

So stop being the “difficult” person. Because chances are it will be the best chance you ever take. Chances are it will be more than what you ever hoped it would be. Chances are you might just find your person. Chances are it took 5 seconds of bravery for a forever worth of happiness. Chances are it’ll be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Chances are the chances presented to you will never come forth again.

Life is short, take the opportunity…fullsizeoutput_369.jpeg


A Letter To God

Oh goodness I am so incredibly thankful, but not near as much as I should be.

I am so thankful for the people You have brought into my life, and thankful for the people You have removed.
I didn’t understand why you brought certain people into my life, but now I see why. I see You needed me to endure different types of people to better myself. I see You needed me to realize the difference between the people I want and the people I need. I understand why You removed some people out of my life because there were/are better people for me coming into my life. I understand You saw them serve their purpose in my life and felt it was time to go. And I am so thankful I am capable to understand and see this. I am so thankful for the people who You chose to stay in my life, I couldn’t ask for more supportive people.

I am so thankful for the great memories You have given me, and the not so great memories.
I didn’t understand why You would put me through such tough times in my life, but now I see why. I see You needed me to grow and mature as a person. I see You needed me to appreciate the greater memories just a little more. I see You needed to test my faith for it to become stronger, and for our relationship to become stronger. And I am so thankful I am capable to understand and see this. I am so thankful for the memories I look back on and see You.

I am so thankful for Your forgiveness.
I am a horrible horrible horrible sinner. I lie, I am ungrateful, I am selfish, I am not humble, I am not content, I am not patient at all, and sometimes I doubt You. You forgive me though. You take this horrible sinner, and you make me beautiful and holy. You invite me with arms wide open, and still never fail me. You still love me. I know how hard it is to love someones that is constantly failing You, and I admire Your strength to forgive me. It amazes me. God, I am so thankful for You.

Thank You for giving me so many opportunities to better myself.
Thank You for giving me so many opportunities to follow You.
Thank You for letting me play the sport I love.
Thank You for letting me tell Your story.
Thank You for giving me people who share their love for You with me.
Thank You for giving me people who test my character.
Thank You for living through me.

God, I surrender all of me to You. Take my life in Your hands and make me satisfied with everything I have and don’t have. Let me see Your Grace in each of my mistakes. Give me Your strength to forgive people, and have compassion for those who do not have compassion for me. Let me see the world how You see it. Let me love everyone more than I love myself.


Everlasting Love.

{For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life -John 3:16}


There is no doubt that we are so undeserving of this love and sometimes we do not see or appreciate how much He truly loves us. We go through times where we believe that we are truly unlovable. We go through times where we believe we are going through situations by ourselves. We go through times where we get angry at Him for putting us through situations. We go through times where we doubt His love for us. 

Oh goodness, you are so so so wrong!

Some may know I have a little sister that is three years and eight months younger than me. My  sister and I are COMPLETE opposites personality wise. She is assertive and opinionated (which I admire sometimes), and I am more non-confrontational and easy going. As my sister approached eighth grade, her opinions were getting her in a great amount of trouble at school making my parents very upset. Although my sister comes off very tough, she is a sensitive person, but would never admit to it. And sometimes it’s hard for my family and I to remember that she isn’t just some tough girl, she has feelings just like everyone else.

Well one day my little sister decided she had enough, and felt like nobody loved her so she attempted suicide. Fortunately it was unsuccessful, but I will never forget how unconditionally loved I felt that day. Looking at my sister in the hospital bed I felt God in the room with me. I saw His love for her and me when I looked at her. I see His love every time I look at her. He loved me so much that He saved my sister and saved me because I could not imagine my life without that wonderful human. 

For my sister, she didn’t realize that even though my parents were hard on her, she was still so incredibly loved. God was right by her side through it all, and will continue to be right by her side through it all just as He will for you. He doesn’t put you through situations you can’t handle and just abandon you. He is always right beside you.

The greatest thing about God’s love is it is never ending, it is never failing, and it so real and genuine. He takes your hardships and makes them His own. He gives you strength when you are lacking. He answers when you ask. He is always with you. He forgives you when you spit in His face. THAT KIND OF LOVE CAN ONLY BE THROUGH GOD.

So when you feel unloved or angry or anything, God’s love for YOU is everywhere. His love is in the food you eat, the clothes you put on, the blankets you sleep with, the lessons you’ve learned, the family you have, the friends you have, the car you have, the school you attend, the sport you are able to play, the sky you gaze at, the ocean you swim in, the mistakes you make. His love is everywhere and goes on and on.

You are so incredibly loved.

Just in case you need some more convincing of how much He truly loves you 🙂



Sometimes God leads you to places to experience certain emotions, to meet certain people, or see certain things. Sometimes He leads you to lessons, knowledge, or wisdom. Sometimes He leads to you moments that impact your life, pure happiness, or even yourself. He leads you to life.

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. It doesn’t tell you how to wake up and put a smile on your face. It doesn’t tell you how much you need to accomplish. It doesn’t tell you how to be good enough. It doesn’t tell you how to be happy. It doesn’t tell you how to love yourself. It doesn’t tell you how to truly live.

Truly living is finding the beauty in the cloudy days, driving full speed over the bumps in the roads, throwing the anchor when the boat is a little shaky, and appreciating the joy Jesus Christ brought to us.

God put out a path for each one of us that is so much greater than aimlessly walking around on earth. There are so many seconds in a lifetime, but not enough to spend questioning yourself, “Did I do enough today?” or “Am I better than I was yesterday?” There’s something out there that you need to discover, and I encourage you to follow God when He leads you.

Life may get a little crazy, but it is such a beautiful thing, I promise you. It’s  a beautiful feeling when you’re standing on top of a building looking down at the beautiful things God created. It’s a beautiful feeling when you discover places you know you were suppose to go. It’s a beautiful feeling to experience something that you later look down the road and say, “That was the moment God changed my life.”

Stop looking for inspiration to live through quoted pictures on social media, and look for everlasting inspiration through the Lord.

Go discover and SEE what life is truly about. Don’t just exist, live.

Finding Yourself and the Person You Want To Be

{Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will. -Romans 12:2}


In a world consisting of 7 billion people, there are many discoveries and lessons to be learned. One of the biggest discovery there is is yourself. A lot of people struggle with figuring out who they really are and their purpose in this world. 

After getting out of a three year relationship, I struggled tremendously with figuring out who I was. Being with someone for three years, all I ever knew myself as was his girlfriend. There were situations I did not know how to react to because I would always ask him for advice and follow through with what HE would do. When I was placed in situations, I would react differently each time due to I did not know the right decision. Such as, do I stay humble and quiet or do I express my opinion?

After a year and a half, I have finally found myself.

I find myself on a bridge staring at the water, I find myself in my paintings, I find myself in the sunrise, I find myself in hot showers, I find myself at the bottom of a coffee cup, I find myself in my little sister, I find myself in the pictures I take, I find myself in a good book, I find myself in a song of worship at church, I find myself when someone smiles at me, I find myself on the pitching mound, I find myself in laughs that makes your stomach cramp, I find myself in a car ride with great friends, and I find myself in the lights at night. 

I know exactly who I am after so many months of searching and prayers to God, but most importantly, I know who I want to be. I think that is what makes people lose their way. The lost of distinguishment between who you are and who you want to be. We often make decisions based off who we want to be when we are lost, and not who we are at the moment. The problem with that is we are not ready to make those decisions. It is such a process to become the person who you truly want to be and is not something that should be jumped right into.

If you are struggling to find our purpose in this crazy world, look for your passion, look for what you are good at, look for what you love. Where there is passion, skill, and love there is purpose. Use your passion to change someone’s world, and you will find purpose. Talk to God, He is willing to show if you are willing  to see. 

Find yourself and purpose in your passions.