Sometimes God leads you to places to experience certain emotions, to meet certain people, or see certain things. Sometimes He leads you to lessons, knowledge, or wisdom. Sometimes He leads to you moments that impact your life, pure happiness, or even yourself. He leads you to life.

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. It doesn’t tell you how to wake up and put a smile on your face. It doesn’t tell you how much you need to accomplish. It doesn’t tell you how to be good enough. It doesn’t tell you how to be happy. It doesn’t tell you how to love yourself. It doesn’t tell you how to truly live.

Truly living is finding the beauty in the cloudy days, driving full speed over the bumps in the roads, throwing the anchor when the boat is a little shaky, and appreciating the joy Jesus Christ brought to us.

God put out a path for each one of us that is so much greater than aimlessly walking around on earth. There are so many seconds in a lifetime, but not enough to spend questioning yourself, “Did I do enough today?” or “Am I better than I was yesterday?” There’s something out there that you need to discover, and I encourage you to follow God when He leads you.

Life may get a little crazy, but it is such a beautiful thing, I promise you. It’s  a beautiful feeling when you’re standing on top of a building looking down at the beautiful things God created. It’s a beautiful feeling when you discover places you know you were suppose to go. It’s a beautiful feeling to experience something that you later look down the road and say, “That was the moment God changed my life.”

Stop looking for inspiration to live through quoted pictures on social media, and look for everlasting inspiration through the Lord.

Go discover and SEE what life is truly about. Don’t just exist, live.


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