everlasting love.

{For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life -John 3:16}


There is no doubt that we are so undeserving of this love and sometimes we do not see or appreciate how much He truly loves us. We go through times where we believe that we are truly unlovable. We go through times where we believe we are going through situations by ourselves. We go through times where we get angry at Him for putting us through situations. We go through times where we doubt His love for us. 

Oh goodness, you are so so so wrong!

Some may know I have a little sister that is three years and eight months younger than me. My  sister and I are COMPLETE opposites personality wise. She is assertive and opinionated (which I admire sometimes), and I am more non-confrontational and easy going. As my sister approached eighth grade, her opinions were getting her in a great amount of trouble at school making my parents very upset. Although my sister comes off very tough, she is a sensitive person, but would never admit to it. And sometimes it’s hard for my family and I to remember that she isn’t just some tough girl, she has feelings just like everyone else.

Well one day my little sister decided she had enough, and felt like nobody loved her so she attempted suicide. Fortunately it was unsuccessful, but I will never forget how unconditionally loved I felt that day. Looking at my sister in the hospital bed I felt God in the room with me. I saw His love for her and me when I looked at her. I see His love every time I look at her. He loved me so much that He saved my sister and saved me because I could not imagine my life without that wonderful human. 

For my sister, she didn’t realize that even though my parents were hard on her, she was still so incredibly loved. God was right by her side through it all, and will continue to be right by her side through it all just as He will for you. He doesn’t put you through situations you can’t handle and just abandon you. He is always right beside you.

The greatest thing about God’s love is it is never ending, it is never failing, and it so real and genuine. He takes your hardships and makes them His own. He gives you strength when you are lacking. He answers when you ask. He is always with you. He forgives you when you spit in His face. THAT KIND OF LOVE CAN ONLY BE THROUGH GOD.

So when you feel unloved or angry or anything, God’s love for YOU is everywhere. His love is in the food you eat, the clothes you put on, the blankets you sleep with, the lessons you’ve learned, the family you have, the friends you have, the car you have, the school you attend, the sport you are able to play, the sky you gaze at, the ocean you swim in, the mistakes you make. His love is everywhere and goes on and on.

You are so incredibly loved.

Just in case you need some more convincing of how much He truly loves you 🙂


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