17 Resolutions for 2017

Here are 17 resolutions for 2017 that I personally would love to follow.

Smile. A lot.
We have tons of things to smile about even if we are going through a tough time. We have God, we have life, we have happiness, and so much more. However, it is up to you to realize how fortunate you are, and focus on those things that make you incredibly blessed. Smile because you woke up, smile because you have a family, smile because it’ll make someone else’s day, smile because you can.

Be kind to strangers. Be kind to people who aren’t nice to you. Be nice to everyone.
Being kind is one of the best things you can do. Everyone deserves it, even that person that isn’t the best person to you. Why be mean and hurt someone’s feelings when you can be the nicest person to them and make them feel good about themselves? Everyone has a battle they’re facing, a hint of kindness can change their entire world.

Forgive everyone.
We meet tons of people throughout our lifetime, and some people are going to just out right do you dirty. Forgive them. It’s so exhausting carrying around the feeling of hatred. It’s a lot harder to forgive than completely shut them out of your life and have a hatred for them. Take the harder route because the harder route rewards better.

Stay off your phone a little more than you do.
Yes, stay off your phone a little more. Go and have a conversation with the person you’re texting face to face. Go and write about that thing you’re passionate about on Twitter for the newspaper. Go and play 2k  at a real basketball court. Instead of being focused on your phone, have a conversation with the person right in front of you, spend time with your family, or doing something just as entertaining.

Adventure as much as you can.
The world is a big big big place, there are SO many cool places visit. We are free to go anywhere we want to in this country for the most part, so go and see it! Go and see the culture of a city, go and see the character of a town, go and see the history of the world. You’d be surprised at all the great memories you make and the great things you get to see.

Wake up a little earlier.
Don’t waste a second of your day. You only get so many in your life, and spend it doing stuff you want to do. Don’t sleep your life away. 

Read a lot of good books.
For those of you who don’t like to read, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! Reading is such a great thing, and so great for your mind! It educates you and helps your creativity. You get to imagine your own version of a movie basically. You get to get lost into someone’s else’s life. It’s awesome. So yes, read lots of books!!!

Drink a lot of coffee.
Drink coffee because you can. It taste good and you receive some energy. It’s a double win!

Step out of your comfort zone.
If you never step out of your comfort zone then you will never grow or change. It takes a few seconds of awkward tension, and then it is smooth sailing after that. It will be so worth it. The awkwardness, the experience, the reward will be so worth it. So take the chance and do it.

Say yes a lot.
Say yes to every good opportunity that comes your way. Say yes to that lunch date with your friend. Say yes to that date with the person you’re not sure about. Say yes to that opportunity to take a break from studying. Say yes to the favor your friend’s about to ask you. Be more open minded!

Go to church as much as you can.
I’ve never been to a more spiritual connecting place before in my life. Church is a place of reassurance, forgiveness, and safety. It’s a place where everyone goes and has the same pure intentions, and truly feels like a family setting. Not one person has ever left church feeling like a terrible person so why not go as much as you can?

Love. A lot.
The BEST gift you can give to another human is love. Whether it is paying for their lunch or romantically loving them. Love can be expressed in so many ways such as telling someone how much they mean to you or going out and starting someone’s car for them. The world is full of such hatred so spread a little love to people. Be there for someone, listen to someone, never stop telling people how much you love them.

If ever faced with a hard and easy way, take the hard way.
If you aren’t challenged, you are changing. The only way to go through change is to go through challenging obstacles. Anyone can take the easy way out, that’s why it is called the EASY way, but brave, strong, dedicated people take the harder way to gain something out of it. The reward is much bigger when facing the difficult way.

Start and finish projects/crafts.
Paint your entire life away, build your entire life away, draw your entire life away. Making crafts is a great way to relax, express yourself, and pursue happiness. There is no better feeling then putting so much time and effort into a project and having it turn out more than what you ever wanted. It is a great stress reliever!

Take a lot of pictures.
Reminisce on memories and take pictures every chance you can get so you can always remember that moment. Take pictures of your friends to let them know how pretty they are. Take pictures of your family so you can always remember them at every age. Take pictures of the places you go so you can experience it all again when you look at the picture.

Compliment people as much as possible.
Compliments can change a person’s day around so do it! Compliment people as much as you can and make their day. Everyone loves them, and they’re not handed out as much as they should be. So make someone’s day.

Build as many relationships as you can.
Make tons of friends and be there for everyone. Hang out with tons of people and talk to tons of people! Get to know everyone and have them educate you. Crave the human mind.


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