dating in a lost generation.

There is no doubt we are a part of a generation that refuses to know God or is just content with believing in Him. There is rarely any ambition to strive to follow Him as closely as possible. We think believing in Him is good enough, but are we fully doing our duties as Christians? It would be like a mother having a child to repopulate, but not taking on the responsibilities having a child demands. Could this be a part of the reason why great amount of relationships fail within today’s generations?

Dating in today’s world is very difficult. Today we live in a very sensitive society. We are quickly offended while being quick to attack other people’s ideas and values. We are quick to crave love, while being completely unsatisfied with the love given to us. My english professor asked me, “What is wrong with being offended?” and then followed with, “Why do we get offended?” As I pondered and pondered this question I finally approached a theory. We are simply a society full of insecurity and immaturity. We are trying to find people to spend the rest of our lives with, and contributing to the unsuccessful relationships. Instead of working on ourselves and growing, we are letting the feelings of insecurities and loneliness dictate our relationships, and who we are in relationships with. Instead of putting it in God’s hands, we are trying to take matters into our own, and we are failing miserably. We are doubting God’s ability to supply us with the RIGHT person, and we fail at putting Him in the center of our relationship.

I will never let loneliness drive me into the arms of someone who is just simply not for me.  Everyone experiences loneliness, but if you seek God’s presence you will never be alone. During a time of loneliness is a great opportunity to have a turning point in your relationship with God! Instead of being content with praying and believing, go the extra mile, pick up a Bible, and fill yourself with knowledge about Him. Make God your passion.

I will never settle for someone who could not fulfill their part in my life as my partner. Now I am not asking someone to cater to all my needs, but if someone failed to make me want to be a better person, they just aren’t the one and I won’t try to force that upon them. Sometimes you just have to realize that someone that does everything right will come along, and you’ll know. If you question whether you’re settling or not, chances are you are. So don’t allow that to happen. Place it back into God’s hands and wait patiently, better things are coming.

I will also NEVER not place God in the center of my relationship. He is what brought us together and holds us together. We would be nothing without Him, and to not give all Glory and success to Him is extremely wrong. There are going to be times where we put God on the back burner in our relationships, but He should ALWAYS find the center. A relationship without God as the focus may be successful, but it won’t reach the full amount of compassion as its potential. If two people make God their first love and focus it stands a greater chance.

BE PATIENT. The right love will come.

But for now, sit back, sip some coffee, and let God work.

One of my favorite songs about trusting God. “Give Me Faith” by Elevation Worship.


{Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. -Romans 12:12}


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