these are my people.

guys, i’m freaking out! i just cannot help, but make the connection between last week and this week. holy heck, so you know how i mentioned in my last blog (okay maybe you haven’t check it out yet, so you should really go do that ;)) that i couldn’t help but want MORE in a friendship than just that typical college friendship?? this week, i have felt the most LOVE i have ever felt from the friendships i have been making.

okay so story time.
so i had heard seen this girl around school, and i noticed that we had a lot of mutual friends, but she was like some girl that just came out of no where. well as the year progressed, i kept hearing more things about this girl’s life, her choices she was making, and the things people would say about her (sometimes bad, but for the most part always awesome). well i had found out she had lived in a city close to my hometown. so as the year progressed, i just kept getting this feeling of, “i NEEDED to be this girl’s friend.” and personally, i have never just gotten that feeling about a stranger. i kind of ignored it for a while, didn’t think anything of it, figured i had my own life to worry about. well last week after asking another great friend of mine about this stranger and hearing nothing but wonderful things i figured i would reach out to her. so that is exactly what i did last week!

this week was the first time i officially got to meet her and WOW. talk about God leading you. our conversations were so genuine and it honestly felt like we had known each other forever. i really can’t help but think of how blessed i am. and that’s the kind of friendship i WANT to have. that kind of friendship that reminds you of how BLESSED you are, that kind of friendship that feels like it is a reminder from God that you’re EXACTLY in the place you are suppose to be, that kind of friendship that makes you pull your laptop out on a thursday night just to express how amazing it is. looking back at everything from last semester, that feeling of “i NEED to be this girl’s friend” was completely God leading me to such an awesome friendship. all those times i never approached her last semester was honestly for the best. maybe our friendship would have been different because the both of us were in such different places at the time, and i can’t help but think that WOW. God’s timing is just in time. God, Your timing is perfect.

so lauren, if you ever end up reading this: thank you for being my newest friend, but thank you for being one of my deepest friendships. your decisions have made you EXACTLY who you are and even though you’re still learning to forgive yourself and love yourself, i hope you know you are so much more than where you have been. the way you have handled everything life has thrown at you completely amazes me, like seriously girl can you give us a tutorial on how to be strong like that?? lol. i hope no one ever takes away the sweetness in your heart, and i hope you never have to question whether the people who are in your life now are going to be there 50 years from now. guys if you don’t know lauren, i highly recommend. seriously everyone needs a genuine soul like her in their life.

did ya think that was my only experience with a friendship that was more than typical college friendships?? of course not! let me share another story with you.

so there was this other girl who had followed me on instagram last year, and i saw she was just a part of a sorority on campus which i didn’t really know many girls in the sororities and frats. i had kind of a typical idea in my head about how girls in sororities were based off of movies. lol wow that changed so quickly. however, this girl later joined the cross country team and i was like, “whoa, she’s an athlete now.” (complete game changer, am i right?? #sportsarelife) anywho, this girl ended up commenting on one of my pictures on instagram, and i was blown away by the complete kindness of her heart to comment such nice things on a stranger’s picture. so i decided to start doing the same, and we kind of had that one online friendship where we never talked in person because we weren’t THAT good of friends yet. BUT one day she decided to direct message me on twitter with complete kindness. and this is another friendship that approached me after my struggles with my first semester, and i can’t help but thank God’s timing again. her and i ended up going through almost the exact same first semester dealing with family health issues, hard break up, and ultimately drifting away from our relationship with God. so i really can’t help but think that God placed her in my life with at the perfect time when i started following God’s path again and so did she. wow. she is absolutely a friend sent from God.

to kristen: thank you for being my soul sister. i wish we were as close as we are now when we were going through our first semester, but i know it wouldn’t have been that good of a friendship as it is now. we both needed to go through the things we did alone to be such good of friends now. ugh, thank you so much for being a person i know i can come to with anything. thank you for being a person that reminds me how many blessings i have in my life. whether it is friendships, my faith with God, or Kohl’s cash. lol. you have seriously been the light in my life these past couple of weeks. you are the brightest part of my days, and i find so much comfort in warmth in your presence. God seriously glows on your face, His love radiates from you. wow i am so lucky to have you!

while i’ve made some really awesome new friends in just a couple short weeks, i have also hit milestones and been building (SO MUCH) with my older friendships.

one of the strongest friendship of my life has hit a bump in the road, but it has also gotten so much closer with that bump. we have had a bit of troubles balancing out our other friends, boyfriend, and just all around life recently.

last week i was completely impatient with people, i was quickly disturbed, and this girl got it the worse. i could tell she was having troubles balancing out the things that were going on her life, and instead of being the friend that came to her rescue quickly… i was the friend that gave her space and stayed short with her. i can’t say she was the only one having troubles balancing things because i was too. i had spent most of my week with one friend in particular and rarely made time for her. after noticing a shift in our friendship we both kind of addressed the situation, and ended up having a heart to heart while driving down the road. i think this is kind of really important to notice within your friendships. it can be so easy to get caught up in how people are treating you in the moment, but sometimes you need to take a step back and evaluate what the other person is going through. or you even have to evaluate who that person truly is. in this case, we were both mean to each other in a way, but we both know each other aren’t mean. and that’s what keeps a friendship alive… truly knowing the other person.

to melanie: thank you for completely understanding me, and always trying to figure me out. i have never had a friend who puts so much effort into me, and i have never put so much effort into another. i think God put us together because of the way we think, it’s obvious we think really different than others. deeper in a sense. we are DEEP thinkers, and i think God saw that we both needed someone who was going to get to know the deeper parts of our soul. and that’s exactly what you do. you never give up on knowing that part of me. you never settle for an answer from that isn’t that deep when you ask me a question. and the thing that makes me most happy about our life talks is when i ask that ONE question that gets you thinking, and you LIGHT up and never (seriously never) stop talking about it and expressing how you feel about it (which i really love!). you’re so passionate about the things that can’t be seen, and i was missing that in my life. thank you for being MY person, mel.

last but not least, my dearest friend who ALWAYS reminds me to choose happiness.
some people may call her kaili but i always call her kally. she has been a friendship that never stops growing. she has taken on the journey of God with me for months now, and we recently have taken steps (many, in my opinion) to building any even better relationship with God. and let me tell ya, NOTHING compares to a friendship that is building within itself but also with God. those friendships are seriously the best, you have no idea how close of a bond you can have with each other from a friendship like that.

to kaili: i’m sorry i didn’t really have a back story of the moment i knew God placed you in my life and the exact reason. to be honest, i haven’t quite had that with you yet. a part of me feels like you were placed in my life because you showed me a route to happiness, but then another side of me feels like we were placed in each other’s lives to build our relationship with God. but to be honest again, i can’t help but think God had MUCH bigger plans than that for us. He just hasn’t quite showed us what it is He has in store for us. but i’m forever thankful He gave me a person like you to try to figure it out with. thank you for always being the happiness in my life. you are a daily reminder that happiness is received in the littlest things like warm blankets on a cold night, movie dates with a lot of popcorn, and car rides with the music blaring. before we were friends, i was a lost lost lost soul, and never felt like myself. but while we grew our friendship, i started returning to the person i was before i was lost, and i will never ever be able to thank you enough for being a solution to how i found myself again.

guys, i have seriously met the greatest people. and honestly i met them all the moment i started following God. isn’t that crazy? crazy how God knows EXACTLY what you need in your life, and He always always always gives you that. He gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. if you’re holding on to friendships that make you feel insecure or afraid of the person you are, let them go. i want so much more for you. i want God to give you the people He has gave me. look to God for better, deeper relationships with people, and be strong enough to walk away from the ones that are hurting you.

so my challenge for you guys this week, spend a couple days building a relationship that you want to be a little stronger. invite them to coffee, go shopping, or if you’re a home body, invite them to a movie night. enjoy their company, but also spend time really getting to know them. ask them the tough questions: “tell me about the time you felt like life was falling into pieces” or “tell me about that moment that made you decide to piece life back together” gosh you will learn so much about someone. i hope you guys have a wonderful week this week, and i hope you get to know someone a little better this week!


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