hello everyone! this week i decided to wait on how my week went last week, and decided to write about a subject that has been on my mind for really my whole life. so i’m sorry if you were looking for a life update, but you’re just going to have to wait a second.

as you can tell by the title, you probably have some idea of what this blog is going to be about. soulmates. ahhhh, just the word itself has a powerful vibe. i don’t know, when i think about a soulmate i think of something only God brings into your life that is totally irreplaceable. and to me, irreplaceable is permanent. if you lose that soulmate, you miss out on the opportunity to have a person like that again. it could totally be different for you, and that’s kind of the beauty of the world is we all have our different interpretations of silly words like soulmate.

my young naive pure heart believed in A soulmate or at least really wanted to. i’m only 19 (20 in 13 days!!!) years old so i haven’t done a lot of searching, and i have a feeling i’m still not done. while searching though, i was also searching for that thing you see in movies, ya know? when i think of an ideal love, i always look back to the movie, “The Vow.” to me, leo and paige had the perfect love. i wanted someone to see me one day, and think i was the most perfect person ever and was drawn to me. kinda like the way leo was to paige. i wanted someone to fight like heck to keep me the way he did. and then have fate bring us together again, like the end of the movie. i think that is kind of every girls dream whose heart has never been broken before though. i think every girl thinks they’re going to have someone look at them like they’re the most perfect person, but if i’m being honest, i haven’t been searching for that anymore.

i haven’t been searching for anything like that all. lately i’ve been focused on being a friend. because that’s just what makes sense to me. i need to be able to be a friend before i ever think of becoming a girlfriend. i needed to learn how to commit to a friendship before i commit to a relationship. and i’m still not finished, but i am a such better friend now. and developing all of these friends, my perception of the word soulmate has changed immensely. because to me, i have an abundance of soulmates. i have friends that find little pieces that i never even discovered of my soul. and i find little pieces of my soul within them. it’s kinda amazing. amazing how one soul knows just how to touch yours or where to find it. souls that keep pushing through to reach yours and drag it out of you.

so with a change of perception of what a soulmate is, i became curious if we truly only have one of those things out there in the world. for those of you who do not follow me on the twit twit, i put a poll up asking which people believed in:

1. one soulmate
2. multiple soulmates
3. just an ordinary person you end up choosing

to my surprise, multiple soulmates won by just one percent. i’m not sure if i was more surprised “multiple soulmates” won or how close the poll was. but i agree with the results completely. i think it kind of depends on God’s plan for us as individuals. some people are so lucky to have that ONE soulmate placed in their lives, that ONE person that knows how to reach your soul, that others never really figured out how to. some people are so lucky to have MULTIPLE (myself included) soulmates. whether they are friends, relationships, strangers, anything. i have so many in this world that reach my soul in different ways and times. i have different kinds of soulmates. and then some people never open their hearts to anything. i don’t think God didn’t place a soulmate in their life, i just think that people are too close hearted to discover someone on that level.

another theory i have had that corresponds with the soulmates theory is love. it is so crazy how we let society define what love should look like or how it should feel or what it is. whether it is by seeing real life couples on social media, fiction couples in the movies, or reading about it in books. it is just crazy how we let another human being tell us what WE should feel, and what are feelings should look like. honestly, that’s the best part about this world is we have the option to choose what OUR PERSONAL kind of love looks like. i have love a lot of people in my life, but i think, well i know, i have a different kind of love with different people. and it makes sense because i feel like different people bring different sides out of you. and those kind of sides are how you choose to love someone. however, i have noticed the people i have the strongest loves with are the people who choose to follow God. and maybe that is a sign for me that love is only given to us by God, if you make God your center of a friendship He will reward you with love. a real love. a strong love. in my personal opinion, love is only achievable through God, only God can give you a love.

i know this is kind of a rambly (not even a word but we’ll go with it!), and kind of my personal opinion, but i wanna know what you guys think! what are your thoughts about soulmates and love! do you ALWAYS love a soulmate? is love only something God can give you? one soulmate, multiple, or just a random person?

i hope you guys enjoyed this blog! don’t forget to check out my other tabs on my website! 🙂


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