The Importance of Waiting

We all have that experience when we were in third grade where we found out that we had the biggest crush on someone in our classroom. We’d write them a note, and give it to them at recess asking them to check yes or no. And there you go, that’s where it all begins. 

We grow up with this notion that life is all about finding your person and living happily ever after. We spend years trying and hoping certain people are the ones that we are suppose to spend the rest of our lives with. We spend years trying to find someone that is going to complete us and make us “feel some type of way.” Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we are so impatient we settle for the first person that shows a little interest in us. Sometimes we are lucky enough to wait, and hit it right on the head.

For those who are losing hope and becoming a little impatient,
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Spend your lonely nights talking to God. Spend your lonely nights not questioning God’s plans, but asking how you can become the person your person needs. Ask Him to make you a wife/husband. Ask Him to take care of your person while you are unable to. However, do not settle for someone who is not going to live up to your standards or make you feel good about yourself. Do not settle for something that seems like a constant job to get them to feel the same way you feel. Do not settle for something that makes you question if you are settling.

From a personal experience, I was very discouraged in finding someone who was going to live up to my expectations because they were so high. I worked so hard to become the person I am today, and I owed it to myself to find someone who was going to accept me for who I am and make me better. I too questioned if there was really that favorite love scene from the movies in real life. However, even though I was very close at times, I never stopped trusting God and His plan for an amazing person to come into my life.

So wait. Wait for that person that stays up late to do your laundry while you are tired, that gives you a hundred thousand reasons to stay, that always reassures you how lucky you are, that has the kindest heart and best intentions for you, that never makes you question how much they would do for you, that wishes you good luck before your games, that shows you off to everyone, that is constantly asking what you’re thinking, that loves taking pictures with you, that goes to church with you, that is so extremely proud of you, that brushes your hair for you after a long day, that is constantly doing things for you with such a great attitude.

That is the kind of person everyone deserves in their life. Everyone deserves that person that makes them want to be a better person because they deserve that. Everyone deserves someone who genuinely cares just as much as you care about them.

You’re going to find someone that meets all your expectations, you’re going to meet someone that fits so perfectly in your life, you’re going to meet someone that treats you better than what you ever wanted, you’re going to meet someone, and you’re going to just know you want to keep them around for a while. You’re going to meet someone that you know God made you wait for, and you’re going to be so happy you waited.

“The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul that seeks Him” -Lamentations 3:25



To the Boy Who Couldn’t Get Past the Pretty Face

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

“I would f*ck you so hard”
“Sex is just sex. It doesn’t always have to mean anything.”

Did your mom teach you how to talk to women like that? Does your dad treat your mom like that? Would you want someone to say that to your sister? Those who genuinely invest themselves into you deserve so much better, and I feel so bad that you couldn’t get past a woman’s outside beauty to see the beauty she holds within.

Missing the opportunity to get to know someone’s greatest qualities and their not so greatest qualities is utterly disappointing. Not only because that person has went through unbelievable measures and faced an abundance of diversity to become that wonderful person they are, but because YOU missed out on such a sensational story. You couldn’t give her just the minimal amount of respect it requires because you were too focused on visualizing how satisfying she would look completely vulnerable.

Never seeing past her potential inner beauty, is a great a way of saying, “I don’t really care about you or your feelings.” In what world is that ever okay to make someone feel like that? When has it ever been okay to completely disregard someone’s worth for your own satisfaction? When has it ever been okay to manipulate a person’s interest in you for your own sensual needs?

It just completely blows my mind.

Although you made her question what she truly deserves and made her doubt if she is truly worth a genuine person, you’re the one that loses. You’re one that loses an opportunity to be with someone whose heart was full of you and only you. You’re the one that loses to listen to the untold story of her favorite places in her hometown. You’re the one that loses to learn about her passions. You’re the one that loses to be with someone that is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

But you wouldn’t know Continue reading “To the Boy Who Couldn’t Get Past the Pretty Face”