a letter to an athlete.

okay. wow. you're probably wondering where i have been the past two months after promising to start uploading every monday. well the honest answer is i have been a lot of places physically and mentally. i have been playing my sophomore season of softball, and i wish i could tell you it has been all … Continue reading a letter to an athlete.


dear younger me.

a fantastic girl with the sweetest heart ever proposed this topic to me, and to be honest, i had no idea which me i would be writing to. would i write to the girl from a couple weeks ago, a couple months ago or a couple years ago? because those girls are so different...so i … Continue reading dear younger me.

to the boy who broke my heart.

i’m not upset and I don’t hate you. i’m accepting everything that I should have accepted months ago. I was convincing myself you were right for me when you weren’t, and looking back i see that now. I see a lot of things as I look back. these things aren’t your fault, just things that come with someone that’s not suppose to be with you. and I truly wish you a great life.