to the blown out flame.

your fire was burning so bright until you decided to let yourself burn out. and maybe you didn't allow it, but the mighty winds of God's plans and preparation for you were overpowering. and now you are nothing but smoke, filling up every inch of your household and those who are a part of it. … Continue reading to the blown out flame.


rejecting happiness.

to all the beating hearts out there, the ones that are barely holding on, the ones that feel like they have it all figured out, wherever your heart lays right now, i want you to think about my next question. i want you to think long and hard about it, making sure you're taking in … Continue reading rejecting happiness.

to the boy who broke my heart.

i’m not upset and I don’t hate you. i’m accepting everything that I should have accepted months ago. I was convincing myself you were right for me when you weren’t, and looking back i see that now. I see a lot of things as I look back. these things aren’t your fault, just things that come with someone that’s not suppose to be with you. and I truly wish you a great life.