To live through God.

I have always tried to live by this; however, sometimes life challenges and emotions become my number one focus leaving my relationship with God on the back burner.

An on going life challenge that has been a struggle for me is forgiving people.

When people do not treat me the way I feel I am worthy of being treated or do not respect me the way I want, hurt feelings and resentment towards that person forms. It is even harder to forgive someone who repeats their actions. For years I have been torn between cutting people out of my life because who needs people like that in their life if they are just going to continue to hurt them? But I also consider my relationship with God. I am a terrible sinner, and without God’s forgiveness, I would not be where I am today. I am going to continue to sin everyday, and hurt God, just like others do to us, and He will continue to forgive us.

I don’t know about you, but sinning is a horrible feeling to me. Although I know I am going to be forgiven if asked, it still does not sit right with me to not give my Savior my best. Why should we not be that way with everyone else? Why should we care so much about pleasing God, and not each other? Maybe there is someone in your life that you hurt, disrespect, or do not have the best actions towards. Maybe there is someone who is having troubles forgiving you just like you may be having troubles forgiving someone else. Maybe the person that has been doing you dirty, you’ve been doing the same thing to them.

To the person I owe forgiveness to:

In your time of need, I wasn’t what you needed.
During your own pity party, I was absent.
When you invited me towards your potential accomplishments, I missed the calls.
As you needed help, I drove far, far away.
While you were crying, I was smiling.
I wasn’t there for you, just like you weren’t there for me.
All the hours and days you spent with me seem so very distant now because you’re not even there nowadays.
Rekindling a relationship takes more than just money here and there.
It takes more than supporting my success, but not my failures.
It takes more than words, it takes actions.
It takes bigger steps than that.

So heres my steps, and I hope you can follow my footprints.
Although you never apologized, I forgive you.

I forgive your disappointment.
I forgive your absence.
I forgive the embarrassment you’ve caused.

I also apologize for not being the bigger person when you couldn’t be.
I realize the same thing you have done to me, I have done to you.
I realize the person that keeps treating me unfairly, is the person I am treating unfairly.
I’m sorry for being the person, I didn’t want you to be.
How can I expect you to be perfect when I wasn’t perfect myself?

Forgiving you might just be the thing I need to forgive others because you are the main source of my skepticism. Forgiving you might just be the thing I need to grow, and the thing for you to grow.

Forgiving you will be the restoration of God being my number one, and wellness to my soul.

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. ~Colossians 3:13





The Importance of Waiting

We all have that experience when we were in third grade where we found out that we had the biggest crush on someone in our classroom. We’d write them a note, and give it to them at recess asking them to check yes or no. And there you go, that’s where it all begins. 

We grow up with this notion that life is all about finding your person and living happily ever after. We spend years trying and hoping certain people are the ones that we are suppose to spend the rest of our lives with. We spend years trying to find someone that is going to complete us and make us “feel some type of way.” Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we are so impatient we settle for the first person that shows a little interest in us. Sometimes we are lucky enough to wait, and hit it right on the head.

For those who are losing hope and becoming a little impatient,
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Spend your lonely nights talking to God. Spend your lonely nights not questioning God’s plans, but asking how you can become the person your person needs. Ask Him to make you a wife/husband. Ask Him to take care of your person while you are unable to. However, do not settle for someone who is not going to live up to your standards or make you feel good about yourself. Do not settle for something that seems like a constant job to get them to feel the same way you feel. Do not settle for something that makes you question if you are settling.

From a personal experience, I was very discouraged in finding someone who was going to live up to my expectations because they were so high. I worked so hard to become the person I am today, and I owed it to myself to find someone who was going to accept me for who I am and make me better. I too questioned if there was really that favorite love scene from the movies in real life. However, even though I was very close at times, I never stopped trusting God and His plan for an amazing person to come into my life.

So wait. Wait for that person that stays up late to do your laundry while you are tired, that gives you a hundred thousand reasons to stay, that always reassures you how lucky you are, that has the kindest heart and best intentions for you, that never makes you question how much they would do for you, that wishes you good luck before your games, that shows you off to everyone, that is constantly asking what you’re thinking, that loves taking pictures with you, that goes to church with you, that is so extremely proud of you, that brushes your hair for you after a long day, that is constantly doing things for you with such a great attitude.

That is the kind of person everyone deserves in their life. Everyone deserves that person that makes them want to be a better person because they deserve that. Everyone deserves someone who genuinely cares just as much as you care about them.

You’re going to find someone that meets all your expectations, you’re going to meet someone that fits so perfectly in your life, you’re going to meet someone that treats you better than what you ever wanted, you’re going to meet someone, and you’re going to just know you want to keep them around for a while. You’re going to meet someone that you know God made you wait for, and you’re going to be so happy you waited.

“The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul that seeks Him” -Lamentations 3:25


Dating In A Lost Generation

There is no doubt we are a part of a generation that refuses to know God or is just content with believing in Him. There is rarely any ambition to strive to follow Him as closely as possible. We think believing in Him is good enough, but are we fully doing our duties as Christians? It would be like a mother having a child to repopulate, but not taking on the responsibilities having a child demands. Could this be a part of the reason why great amount of relationships fail within today’s generations?

Dating in today’s world is very difficult. Today we live in a very sensitive society. We are quickly offended while being quick to attack other people’s ideas and values. We are quick to crave love, while being completely unsatisfied with the love given to us. My english professor asked me, “What is wrong with being offended?” and then followed with, “Why do we get offended?” As I pondered and pondered this question I finally approached a theory. We are simply a society full of insecurity and immaturity. We are trying to find people to spend the rest of our lives with, and contributing to the unsuccessful relationships. Instead of working on ourselves and growing, we are letting the feelings of insecurities and loneliness dictate our relationships, and who we are in relationships with. Instead of putting it in God’s hands, we are trying to take matters into our own, and we are failing miserably. We are doubting God’s ability to supply us with the RIGHT person, and we fail at putting Him in the center of our relationship.

I will never let loneliness drive me into the arms of someone who is just simply not for me.  Everyone experiences loneliness, but if you seek God’s presence you will never be alone. During a time of loneliness is a great opportunity to have a turning point in your relationship with God! Instead of being content with praying and believing, go the extra mile, pick up a Bible, and fill yourself with knowledge about Him. Make God your passion.

I will never settle for someone who could not fulfill their part in my life as my partner. Now I am not asking someone to cater to all my needs, but if someone failed to make me want to be a better person, they just aren’t the one and I won’t try to force that upon them. Sometimes you just have to realize that someone that does everything right will come along, and you’ll know. If you question whether you’re settling or not, chances are you are. So don’t allow that to happen. Place it back into God’s hands and wait patiently, better things are coming.

I will also NEVER not place God in the center of my relationship. He is what brought us together and holds us together. We would be nothing without Him, and to not give all Glory and success to Him is extremely wrong. There are going to be times where we put God on the back burner in our relationships, but He should ALWAYS find the center. A relationship without God as the focus may be successful, but it won’t reach the full amount of compassion as its potential. If two people make God their first love and focus it stands a greater chance.

BE PATIENT. The right love will come.

But for now, sit back, sip some coffee, and let God work.

One of my favorite songs about trusting God. “Give Me Faith” by Elevation Worship.


{Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. -Romans 12:12}

Everlasting Love.

{For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life -John 3:16}


There is no doubt that we are so undeserving of this love and sometimes we do not see or appreciate how much He truly loves us. We go through times where we believe that we are truly unlovable. We go through times where we believe we are going through situations by ourselves. We go through times where we get angry at Him for putting us through situations. We go through times where we doubt His love for us. 

Oh goodness, you are so so so wrong!

Some may know I have a little sister that is three years and eight months younger than me. My  sister and I are COMPLETE opposites personality wise. She is assertive and opinionated (which I admire sometimes), and I am more non-confrontational and easy going. As my sister approached eighth grade, her opinions were getting her in a great amount of trouble at school making my parents very upset. Although my sister comes off very tough, she is a sensitive person, but would never admit to it. And sometimes it’s hard for my family and I to remember that she isn’t just some tough girl, she has feelings just like everyone else.

Well one day my little sister decided she had enough, and felt like nobody loved her so she attempted suicide. Fortunately it was unsuccessful, but I will never forget how unconditionally loved I felt that day. Looking at my sister in the hospital bed I felt God in the room with me. I saw His love for her and me when I looked at her. I see His love every time I look at her. He loved me so much that He saved my sister and saved me because I could not imagine my life without that wonderful human. 

For my sister, she didn’t realize that even though my parents were hard on her, she was still so incredibly loved. God was right by her side through it all, and will continue to be right by her side through it all just as He will for you. He doesn’t put you through situations you can’t handle and just abandon you. He is always right beside you.

The greatest thing about God’s love is it is never ending, it is never failing, and it so real and genuine. He takes your hardships and makes them His own. He gives you strength when you are lacking. He answers when you ask. He is always with you. He forgives you when you spit in His face. THAT KIND OF LOVE CAN ONLY BE THROUGH GOD.

So when you feel unloved or angry or anything, God’s love for YOU is everywhere. His love is in the food you eat, the clothes you put on, the blankets you sleep with, the lessons you’ve learned, the family you have, the friends you have, the car you have, the school you attend, the sport you are able to play, the sky you gaze at, the ocean you swim in, the mistakes you make. His love is everywhere and goes on and on.

You are so incredibly loved.

Just in case you need some more convincing of how much He truly loves you 🙂