a testimony to myself

disclaimer: i know God is the true creator of my story, but this wasn't a testimony to Him. it was a testimony to myself, and the lessons i chose to learn through the experiences He has gave me.


have i found a soulmate??

hello everyone! this week i decided to wait on how my week went last week, and decided to write about a subject that has been on my mind for really my whole life. so i'm sorry if you were looking for a life update, but you're just going to have to wait a second. as [...]

these are my people

wow talk about an amazing life. i am so lucky to be surrounded by the people i am, and i am so lucky God loves me so much to put this much greatness in my life! one awesome friendship always start with one brave hello. have that second of courage this week, and if you need a hype man... i will be that person for you! reach out to people this week! 🙂


hello!!! so this is a different kind of post! i’ve decided with the new format of my blog, I will be post weekly on mondays! I feel like so much has been happening in my life with pursuing God, friends, and myself, why not share it!? in this blog, I describe the feeling of uncomfortable which best describes my whole last week. I knew God was leading me somewhere, but I honestly had no idea where. so I talk a lot about that, I also started learning what I wanted in a friend, but also realized I needed to be that friend to others if I expected to have a friend like that. PS: PLEASE share your experiences with me whether it is about discomfort or friends or your struggles or if you just want to say hey! I loooooooooove talking to people!

this is where i belong.

hello guys! i have been slacking with this thing called blogging this year. yup, all ten days worth. but here is my first one of this new year. i've been having a good year so far, but today i found myself letting a dumb, stupid feeling get the best of me. with this stupid feeling, i was faced with a decision. feeling vs. God. enjoy!