dear younger me

a fantastic girl with the sweetest heart ever proposed this topic to me, and to be honest, i had no idea which me i would be writing to. would i write to the girl from a couple weeks ago, a couple months ago or a couple years ago? because those girls are so i [...]


to the boy who broke my heart

i’m not upset and I don’t hate you. i’m accepting everything that I should have accepted months ago. I was convincing myself you were right for me when you weren’t, and looking back i see that now. I see a lot of things as I look back. these things aren’t your fault, just things that come with someone that’s not suppose to be with you. and I truly wish you a great life.

to be honest…

this blog is going to be about many groups of people. as human beings we are all going through something that may seem completely unbearable or something that we just can't shake from us. people are struggling with heartbreak, finding themselves, the stress of the future, feeling completely insecure, being lonely, full of regret for [...]

Restless Spirit

She found her life When she gave it to God. She finds herself When she Surrenders. Her soul is soaring Like aspirations. She is selfishly restless. She is constantly moving, Like a wild wind Comes gushing in unexpectedly Then leaves once its chilled their bones. Leaving confusion and apologies With everyone she crosses paths with. Wishing [...]