restless spirit.

She found her life When she gave it to God. She finds herself When she Surrenders. Her soul is soaring Like aspirations. She is selfishly restless. She is constantly moving, Like a wild wind Comes gushing in unexpectedly Then leaves once its chilled their bones. Leaving confusion and apologies With everyone she crosses paths with. Wishing … Continue reading restless spirit.


society destroys confidence.

Self confidence is a highly difficult conviction to obtain. Especially with a society that is made to only tear you down, and a population that loves to watch it. As I said in one of my previous blogs, today's world is full of competition and comparison. We are so so so quick to compare ourselves … Continue reading society destroys confidence.


Sometimes God leads you to places to experience certain emotions, to meet certain people, or see certain things. Sometimes He leads you to lessons, knowledge, or wisdom. Sometimes He leads to you moments that impact your life, pure happiness, or even yourself. He leads you to life. Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. It doesn't … Continue reading life.